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20 years ago, I felt like 90 ... I thought my life was over ... I had so many illnesses and pain, I just wanted to sit in front of TV and do nothing ... eating ... sleeping ... and suffering for the few years I felt I might still live. Not that I was looking forward to living in pain any longer, not to mention the brain fog and I no longer enjoyed living as I no longer cared if I lived or died as my circumstances seemed hopeless to me at that time of my life, foggy brain and no desire to enjoy life! Now, I am 70 and have never felt as good in my life. I feel like living for another 100 years! I am in better health and more alive than when I was 20! How did I get here ?  Reversing all of my health issues and my ageing process, I regained the vitality of my youth.  Once I realized: Only our body can heal itself; we just need to give it the chance to do its job. I believe, everyone has the ability to do all that I have done and it starts with our education. My book takes you step by step, as I learned to overcome every health challenge. Now looking back on the past 20 years, I realize that I could have accomplished this in far less time and for pennies on the dollar of what I spent through trial and error, being my own guinea pig ! The more I learned about health, the more I understood how simple health is really ... Regaining vibrancy can be reached by all of us ... step by step ...  at costs that are more affordable that you might think! Read my book, (you will find you’re never too old to enjoy your childhood dreams when you’re feeling 20).
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